3 Ways to Keep Records in Poker

Any poker player worth his salt understand that you need to track your results to monitor performance. If you don’t keep accurate records, how do you know if you’re up or down? Or how much money you make or lose per hour? Keeping records is a must in poker. That’s why I’ve written this article to give you three different ways to track your poker results.



Using spreadsheets is a very effective way to keep good records. That’s why companies and accountants regularly use spreadsheets for financial data. Poker playing should be kept like a business so it’s a good idea to setup a poker excel spreadsheet. By entering important data like how long you played for, what format and how much you won or lost, you’ll get a good idea on your poker performance. Once you’ve got a few months data input, you can start interpreting your results easily. Continue reading “3 Ways to Keep Records in Poker”

Online Poker vs. Casino Poker

If you’re a fan of poker then no doubt you’ve played the game in a home setting at the very minimum. Playing a social game, or heading to your local casino and enjoying the table games competitive nature is a great way to not just enjoy yourself but make money too. With the online poker industry looking to grow significantly as regulations around the world are relaxed, an entirely new area of online poker may open up for you. And there are many benefits to being able to play this popular card game online.

Online Poker Benefits

Unsurprisingly, one of the largest benefits of online poker is that you can play from your own home and at your convenience. Rather than having to actually go to your local casino and play at the times they’re available, online poker allows you to play around the clock if you wish. Even if you regularly invite friends around to play, you’ll now be able to play them online as well, allowing you to connect with friends around the world. Continue reading “Online Poker vs. Casino Poker”